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Works of Collision Art
by Thomas Robson

“The battle royale between the modern and the classical is by far my favourite mêlée”.

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Proud to be included in Slanted Magazine #34—Europe

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Slanted Magazine #34—Europe is a plea for a multi-faceted and vibrant Europe, against the backdrop of an Europe of nations, right-wing populism, and selfish politics. It is an inventory of Europe, showing a comment, a perspective, a feeling of illustrators, photographers, writers and graphic designers from all around Europe.
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Also available a limited special edition which includes a set of zines printed on a risograph + a tote bag with the European flag motif.

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The Work

axis of views, contradictory curves portfolio one, home page link image
Axis of Views

Axis of Views 2

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Axis of Views 3

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Al 2.7

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Al 2.7 two.

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Good Show Bespoke Apparel

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Collision Art

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Collision Art 2

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Cubic Pigments

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Cubic Pigments 2

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Infiltrators 2

Be Bold or Go Home

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Bespoke Wall Art

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Still Life Maquettes

Creative Collaborations
Brexit and the irish border art, link image 1

For Slanted Magazine the Europe Edition
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Ceramic art featuring contemporary anatomy art, image 1
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