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Latest book.
Thomas Robson
Anatomy Rocks
Flesh and Bones in Contemporary Art.
Thanks to Rodolphe Lachat and publishers Cernunnos
for including a selection of my Still Life pictures in this anthology.

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About This Book:

Anatomy Rocks Flesh & Bone In Contemporary Art is a celebration of anatomy, flesh and bone by more than 60 international artists, including contemporary stars (Damien Hirst, Mark Ryden), social network celebrities (Jason Freeny), street art icons (Nychos) and a whole new generation of illustrators.
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New cuts.

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Still Life Selections.

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Thomas Robson.

A recovering television new graphic designer, whose professional career is one of editing and creating new narrative structures from a multiplicity of sources and mediums. Now applying my craft skills to author new visual narratives through experimenting with collage and appropriation art techniques.

Generating transitory new types of provisional imagery possessing an amalgam of the enigmatic and the accessible. Visual maquettes helping inform the development of my original physical works in pencils and paints.

Based in Ulster.
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Old but still germane:
Thanks to: Geraldine lilly for the
Reworking Portraiture article + Saskia Kusnecov's
When the Past and the Present Collide.
and more recently.
Likewise to DesignBoom
Studio Thomas Robson.


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Portfolio selections.

A range of works taken from my current collections can be viewed using the links below or via the menu top right. These compositions function as visual maquettes to fuel my physical drawing and painting. Helping create physical works igniting more powerful aesthetic experimentation in the compositions. Harnessing physical paint, pencil and pigments invested with a depth of quality, colour, texture to complement the digital space. Creating powerful visual dichotomies of contradiction and confrontation.

A critic reviewed it thus:

“Rare is it that we find such conflict focused in one artwork. Often we search for unities amidst the disjuncture, harmony among discord, but through the sheer contradiction of these images, Robson sets out a genuine challenge to our interpretative skills.”
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