The Art of Thomas Robson.

The battle royale between the modern and the classical
is by far my favourite mêlée

Visual essays harnessing L'art du détournement to create transitory new types of provisional imagery
invested with an amalgam of the enigmatic and the accessible.
Possessing compelling interplays between the residual associations of the original pictures
and the dissonances of the imposed visual collisions.

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Pirates! - L'art du détournement culturel
de Sophie PUJAS (Auteur).

The art of subversion.

Through six thematic chapters and twenty portraits, this book explores the world of these creatives who have the art of unusual rapprochement, manipulation, metaphor. They upset the codes and deconstruct the icons of the history of art or pop culture, manipulate words, hack public space, heckle with reality, claim a salutary incivility, give birth to a new reverie of familiar objects.”
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Successfully participated in Red Dot Miami during Miami Art week,
in Partnership with
Lemon Frame Gallery.

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Firenze Portrait Commissions.

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