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New Works of Collision Art
by Thomas Robson

A new portfolio of transitory provisional imagery combining the resonant with the dissonant, creating compelling mercurial images which “intrigue, excite and repay repeated viewings”. Compositions whose inherent dichotomies, act as disruptive pivot points allowing new visual dialogues to come in and out of focus.
Should you wish to find out more about my practice simply
track down one of the books featuring my work,
all contain extensive background interviews.

“The battle royale between the modern and the classical is by far my favourite mêlée”.

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Axis of Views

Axis of Views 2

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Axis of Views 3

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Al 2.7

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Al 2.7 two.

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Collision Art

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Collision Art 2

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Cubic Pigments

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Cubic Pigments 2

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Infiltrators 2

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Still Life Maquettes

Creative Collaborations
Ceramic art featuring contemporary anatomy art, image 1
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