Pirates! - L'art du détournement culturel
de Sophie PUJAS (Auteur)
Pirates! - L

The art of subversion by the author of the best seller Street art, urban poetry

Theorised by the situationists in the 1950s, these diversions represent creativity under the auspices of the wink, or flirting with the absurd, but also exhibiting a permanent air of suspicion. From now on, in the era of 2.0, everyone can appropriate the cult images and play with them. This art of subversion is embedded in everyday life and continues to is developing new territories emerging as a new media.

Between nostalgic fetishism and ironic disruption, the masterpieces of the past and pop icons are revisited.

Through six thematic chapters and twenty portraits, this book explores the world of these creatives who have the art of unusual rapprochement, manipulation, metaphor. They upset the codes and deconstruct the icons of the history of art or pop culture, manipulate words, hack public space, heckle with reality, claim a salutary incivility, give birth to a new reverie of familiar objects.” …

Authors biography
Sophie Pujas is an accomplished art writer. She led a series of interviews with street artists for the site Artistik Rezo. She is the author of multiple art books including two narratives published by Gallimard: Z.M, devoted to the painter Zoran Music, and Maraudes.

Editeur : Tana
Format: 23,6 x 29 cm. Features: Full colour, hardcover, 192 pages
Language: Français. ISBN-13: 979-1030102178


“A book in six chapters devoted to artists who practice the art of diversion, appropriating the masterpieces and icons of pop culture to revisit them and create their own universe from unusual connections …”

“Very nice book, original idea, brilliant writing.”

“A beautiful object to offer to any art lover interested in a singular look at the creation”
Pirates! - L
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Anatomy Rocks Flesh & Bone In Contemporary Art.
If you like contemporary art and anatomy then this is probably the best book to ever cover the subject. Amazing, heavy, and thick coffee table book!”

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Anatomy in Contemporary Art.

Since the first dissections of corpses, and the drawings which described the bodies, anatomy and art have always been connected. From the Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings to the Francis Bacon’s naked gures, artists have always been interested in the representation of the human as a biological being.

Today, anatomy is back in contemporary art, following the rebirth of gothic and horror in the entertainment industry.

This reference book includes at the same time the work of world renowned contemporary artists (Damien Hirst, KAWS, Mark Ryden), social networks stars (Jason Freeny), street art icons (Nyckos) and a whole new generation of illustrators.


Anatomy Rocks is an absolute treasure trove of beautiful, visually impressive works. This is a creative eyeball melt full of mouth-watering content. A tempestuous maelstrom of creative fusion, as contemporary art collides with anatomy. Mark Ryden’s cover picture captures the delights within, including an exemplary selection of Damien Hirst’s works.

Curated by Rodolphe Lachat this selection of artists is layered with intrigue and surprising twists. Resulting in a portfolio which is an absolute treasure trove of beautiful, visually impressive compositions. The curation is excellently gauged a real treat for the eyes, resulting in a stunning array of beautiful pictures.

Focused on artists whose practice harnesses a spectacular rebellious spirit, remixing anatomy into polished works of contemporary art. Creating slightly disturbing inspired compositions, which barbed wire like catch the eye and capture the imagination.

Unlike so many flaccid half baked contemporary art anthologies this is art with big cojones. Pictures fusing twisted surrealist aesthetics packing a real emotional punch. A radical curated portfolio geared to over stimulate your aesthetic neurones.

An unbelievably cool-looking book offering a real creative refuel and at the discounted prices, an absolute steal.
Take a punt (the print quality is exemplary) and own a decadent contemporary art treat you won’t be disappointed in.
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Gestalten’s The Age of Collage Vol. 2.
Contemporary Collage in Modern Art.

“A cultivated visual celebration of tactile illustration, The Age of College vol.2 published by Gestalen, showcases just how frenzied and experimental the results of appropriation, repurposing, and recycling imagery can be.”

“it’s something of gem within a publication almost entirely devoted to imagery.”
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A comprehensive collection of examples ranging from subversive to museum-worthy, this striking showcase positions collage between provocation and commerce. Presenting the work of more than 70 collage artists—from established names including John Baldessari and Richard Prince to up-and-coming talents such as Lola Dupré and Mat Maitland—the book explores the seemingly endless creative possibilities that result when disparate images are brought together in unexpected ways.

Editors: Dennis Busch, Robert Klanten

Format: 24
×30cm. Features: Full colour, hardcover, 320 pages
Language: English. ISBN: 978-3-89955-583-7
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AnOther Magazine: The new second volume of the Gestalten-published book is set to distill the medium's most pioneering minds in one fantastic tome.

Manic Australia: “The Age of Collage Vol. 2 is a comprehensive collection ranging from the subversive to the museum-worthy that positions collage between provocation and commerce”.
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“Hong Kong’s most influential creative authority.”
Making A Splash: Graphics That Flow.
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Viction:ary’s new title Making A Splash shows off some masterfully expressive graphics, & they kindly selected me for the cover.

About the book:

Fluid forms are analogues of change and endless possibilities. Manifesting a capricious state that take on a life of its own once leaving our hands, mediums as varied as ink, watercolour, paint, acrylic, and digital paintbrush fuel artists and designers with inspirations, building a unique spectrum of work that break loose from sheer control into fun directed chaos during the creative process.
Collating some 150 trendsetting works spanning brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and artefacts, Making A Splash: Graphics that Flow is an exciting review that uncovers how the multifarious visual wonderment of liquid mediums triumph in marketable design. Divided into five sections, the title zooms in on various platforms, techniques and digital advancement that celebrate the charm of flowing visuals.

Publisher: Victionary, Format: 188 x 252 mm, Features: Full colour, softcover with jacket
Language: English, ISBN: 978-988-12228-6-2
“Fast, loose, expressive graphics that speak of an energy
no Swiss Modernist could possibly convey”.
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