Heavy Pigments.

Examples from the developing series utilising Oil and Acrylic paint textures on old grounds.

red oils on white silk portrait, image

White Silks With Orange.

Zinc White With Pyrrole Scarlet portrait image

Zinc White With Pyrrole Scarlet.

oil pigments with a blue sash image

Oil Pigments With A Blue Sash.

textures cadmium red oil portrait, image

Textured Oils Red Portrait.

an unknown english officer portrait, image

An Unknown English Officer.

turquoise palette base. portrait, iamge

Turquoise Palette Base.

heavy reds on canvas portrait image

Heavy Reds On Canvas.

english officer with napthanol red image

English Officer With Napthanol Red.

scarlet hue portrait, image

Scarlet Hue.

the artists palette portrait image

The Artist’s Palette.

white textured oil portrait

White Textured Oil Portrait.

cool greys with white portrait, image

Cool Greys With Whites.

bluse salon with royal purples image

Blue Salon With Royal Purples.

collsion art portrait image
blue facial palette, image

Blue Facial Palette.

the waif portrait, image

The Waif.

Cuirassier Redux portrait image

Cuirassier Redux.

red oils on pink silks, image

Heavy Textures On Silk Pinks.

a dandy with white oils image

A Dandy With White Oils.

heavy orange oils with child painting image

Heavy Orange With Child.

reactions oils palette knife porrait, image


blown oils with scarlet. image

Blown Oils With Blown Scarlet.

the tudio portrait. image

The Studio.

oils sketches portrait image

Oil Sketches, No. 3.

fushia oils with inks portrait image

Fuchsia Oil Texture.

strawberry fields  portrait, image

Strawberry Fields.

red and white oil textures on old grounds image

Red and White Oil Textures on Blue Grounds.

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heavy pigments portraits in gold frame image