Pulp Histories.
right on target pulp histories,  L

Right On Target.

ace in the hole pulp histories,  L

Ace in the Hole.

an evening with dutch clavinists pulp histories,  L

An Evening With The Dutch Calvinists.

the march of kunst pulp histories,  L

The March of Kunst.

a perpective eye pulp histories,  L

A Perspective Eye.

An Ongoing Incident In Vauxhall Gardens. pulp histories,  L

An Ongoing Incident In Vauxhall Gardens.

framed print pulp histories,  L
European culture at the charge, image
true rommance in a flemish landscape pulp histories,  L

True Romance In A Flemish Landscape.

synthetic orange pulp histories,  L

Synthetic Orange on a Pouffe.

A Spiritual Allegory With Browning High Power. pulp histories,  L

A Spiritual Allegory Replete With Browning High Power.

air interdiction over a pastrol pulp histories,  L

Air Interdiction Over A Pastoral Landscape.

seditious visuals pulp histories,  L
a mounted pair collage painting image
a dissonance on old grounds portrait, image

A Dissonance On Old Grounds.

british samll arms pulp histories,  L

British Small Arms.

the getaway pulp histories,  L

The Getaway.

stone cold dutch collage painting, image 1

Stone Cold Dutch.

noises off collage painting, image 2

Noises Off.

The Rutting at the Villa Palladio portrait collage image

The Rutting at the Villa Palladio.

brave new world pulp histories painting, image

Brave New World.

Difference of Opinion in a Gallery space image

Difference of Opinion in a Gallery Space.

red eye collage painting image

Red Eye.

the price of morals pulp histories,  L

The Price of Morals.

A Rendezvous On Old Grounds pulp histories,  L

A Rendezvous On Old Grounds.

pulp histories,  L
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